The Making of ‘Virtual Insanity’ Behind the Scenes Film

///The Making of ‘Virtual Insanity’ Behind the Scenes Film
  • This film uses the latest stereoscopic 360/VR techniques – it’s completely 3D 360
  • For the drone flight along Southend Pier our pilots built a custom rig to carry the high-end Insta360 Pro 8k 3D/stereoscopic camera on one of ‘the big birds’ – the DJI S900 drone
  • The CGI sequence uses original footage of Harry performing in front of green-screen to create a Harry Shotta Hologram in Unity 3D – towering 10 stories above the avatars of the digital audience
  • The Cyber-City flythrough was a combination of a high fidelity procedurally generated city and a full facial motion capture of Shotta, applied to a monumental digital sculpture, built by VR legend OliVR
  • All of this was achieved by utilising the cinematic 360 power of current game production technology, Unity 3D, the backbone of the most of games played today; from indy productions to AAA blockbusters
  • These technologies are the storytelling tools of the future and Monkey Science is at the forefront of harnessing their potential